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custom order pricing

::  Pricing is per standard-sized hexagon (or trapezoid support shelf if included in the design), as part of a fully assembled custom honeycomb shelving unit.  Standard hexagon size is 17.5" wide x 15.15" high x 11.5" deep.  
::  Most units larger than 5' x 4' in our standard 11.5" depth will need to be divided into sections of about this size for transport, to be rejoined through the pre-drilled holes using the provided screws and drill bit.  We also supply matching solid wood brackets for mounting the honeycomb units into wall studs for added stability & safety, and share detailed instructions on that process along with the assembly. 

::  Prices are listed in the following order:  unfinished / clear non-toxic satin finish / non-toxic stain + protective matte finish / non-toxic stain + protective matte finish + satin oil application.

::  We are not required to collect out-of-state online sales tax for sales to states other than our home state of Ohio, since as a very small shop our total annual sales per state are far below each state's thresholds to require remote sales tax collection.

::  Some custom pieces may involve additional charges in cases such as an extra large or complex design, a rushed production time required to meet a fixed deadline, or an involved project necessitating a significantly greater amount of time in design and planning than usual given the size of the piece.  As soon as it is apparent that any of these issues could apply, we will share that with you.


pine wood:  $80 / $94 / $102 / $108

poplar hardwood:  $118 / $132 / $140 / $146

red oak hardwood:  $128 / $142 / $150 / $156      

maple hardwood:  
$134 / $148 / $156 / $162

curly maple hardwood:  $142 / $156 / $164 / $170


::  We ship fully assembled in one piece for honeycomb units of up to 9-13 hexagons -- depending on wood type, overall dimensions, and design configuration.  Our pieces are shipped by independent furniture carriers with assistance by the driver for indoor delivery.

::  Most drivers will deliver seven days a week between 8 am - 8 pm, so please notify us if there are any specific days or times of day when someone would not be able to arrange to be at the delivery location (with advance notice) to assist the driver in unloading and carrying the piece indoors.

::  We personally help with loading our pieces and ensure that each one is carefully blanket-wrapped and securely strapped down in the delivery vehicle.  The pieces are then transported under the oversight of a single driver and remain in the same vehicle for the duration of the trip.

::  Shipping rates will be determined by size, weight, delivery location, and your flexibility regarding the timing to receive the piece.  

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