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ambrosia maple hardwood honeycomb shelving - custom design in three sections



The three custom honeycomb storage units will be configured as shown in the sketch above, and comprised of 25 total hexagons.


M A T E R I A L + F I N I S H


Solid ambrosia maple hardwood with clear non-toxic oil/wax finish (AFM Safecoat Naturals), as shown in the photos of the wood above and in the image of the finish product with description. 


(The custom pieces with drawers and back panels are included in the photos to show the range of natural variation in the ambrosia wood's color and grain patterns, as well as its appearance under different lighting conditions).


Thickness of lumber is 7/8" along the outer perimeter of the honeycomb structure, and doubled to 1.75" throughout the unit's interior in which all adjacent hexagon panels are joined together.




center section:  4' 9" (57") wide x 5' 0.6" (60.6") high x 11.5" deep


first/last sections:  4' 9" (57") wide x 3' 9.5" (45.5") high x 11.5" deep


hexagon (exterior):  17.5" wide x 15.15" high x 11.5" deep


hexagon (interior):  7.75" wide lower shelf ledge x ~15.5" wide at hex center x 13.4" high x 11.5" deep


D E T A I L S + D E L I V E R Y


The larger 11 hex center piece will be divided into two sections for transport, to be reconnected through the pre-drilled openings using the provided screws and matching drill bit.


After selecting the state for the delivery location during checkout, a drop-down menu will appear where you can select the shipping option called "Rate TBD", in order to avoid the automatic shipping charge being calculated and applied (which is based on the region and total weight of the units).  The actual custom shipping rate for your pieces can be processed later when they are nearing completion, after we determine the arrangment that works best for you.


The pieces will be shipped directly to the destination via single vehicle transport, with assistance provided by the driver for indoor delivery (help from at least one person on site will be needed for unloading and carrying the pieces indoors).

ambrosia maple hardwood honeycomb shelving - custom design in three sections

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