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custom two-part honeycomb shelving unit for product display


DESIGN:  7-column custom asymmetric honeycomb shelving unit constructed in a two-part display -- comprised of 27 total hexagon shelves + 3 trapezoid support shelves.
MATERIAL / FINISH:  solid poplar hardwood as shown in second listing photo (featuring a unit with hexagons of a different size and proportions).  The structure is 7/8" thick along the outer perimeter of the shelving unit, and is doubled to 1.75" thick throughout the interior of unit where adjacent hexagon panels are joined together.


exact total width for two sections:  8' 0.25" (96.25”) -- plus at least an additional 1-2" of space between the two sections when displaying together, to protect the painted surfaces


max height at highest level columns:  6’ 3.75” (75.75”) at 5 hex high column // 5' 8.2" (68.2”) at two 4.5 hex high columns


unit depth:  13.5" 


EXTERIOR HEXAGON DIMENSIONS:  17.5" wide x 15.15" high x 13.5" deep


INTERIOR HEXAGON DIMENSIONS:  7.75" wide lower shelf ledge / ~15.5" wide at center of hexagon x 13.4" high x 13.5" deep

ASSEMBLY/INSTALLATION DETAILS:  Each of the two display sections will need to be divided into a top and bottom portion to make the size and weight manageable for transport, and we will provide the screws & drill bit for reattaching the sections through the pre-drilled openings.  We can also include solid poplar brackets for securing the shelving unit into wall studs for stability and safety of a future permanent installation, and will include the detailed instructions on both processes.

DELIVERY CHARGE:  $790 for assisted indoor delivery and blanket wrapped transport in 4 sections

custom two-part honeycomb shelving unit for product display

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