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custom honeycomb shelving unit + removable shelves for meadery taproom display



The honeycomb shelving unit will be comprised of 19 hexagons in 5 columns, including two trapezoid base support shelves, as shown in the first image above.  Eight removable center divider shelves in matching solid poplar hardwood will also be included (shown in red oak hardwood in image 6).


M A T E R I A L + F I N I S H


Solid poplar hardwood with clear non-toxic finish, as featured in example images 2-5 above.  Oil/wax finishing product & description is shown in last image.


Lumber thickness is 7/8" along the outer perimeter of the honeycomb unit, with doubled thickness of 1.75" throughout the unit's interior in which all adjacent hexagon panels are joined together.




honeycomb unit:  89" wide x 86.75" high (column 4) x 77.1" high (columns 1, 3, 5) x 13.5" deep


hexagon (interior):  10 1/8" wide lower shelf ledge* x ~20.25" wide at center x 17.5" high x 13.5" deep

* exact interior width is plus or minus 1/16" due to handmade nature of piece


hexagon (exterior):  22.25" wide x 19.27" high x 13.5" deep 


A S S E M B L Y + I N S T A L L A T I O N


This design will be divided into two sections for transport (upper and lower), to be reconnected through the pre-drilled openings using the provided screws and matching drill bit.


Matching solid poplar brackets will be provided (along with screws & instructions) to mount the shelving unit directly into wall studs for stability and safety, which is especially important if the unit will be in a location where children may ever be present.


The brackets will need to be attached to the unit at hexagon positions which line up with wall stud locations, according to the final placement of the unit along the wall. The brackets are 7/8" thick and extend along the entire width of a hexagon's upper panel & about 1.5" underneath. They will be pre-drilled for attaching to the back of the shelving unit, to allow clearance for a baseboard.


If the shelving unit will not be placed in front of a baseboard and will instead be mounted flush to the wall, please notify us so we can make a slightly smaller size bracket for this purpose. This style will nest inside the hexagon flush with the back, and will be pre-drilled to attach to the underside of the hexagon's upper panel.

custom honeycomb shelving unit + removable shelves for meadery taproom display

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