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custom honeycomb shelving unit in walnut hardwood + hex stool & floating shelves

custom order details: tall shoe display unit featuring 13 hexagons + 1 trapezoid shelf in base, as shown in above sketch / 3 floating hex shelves of same size as in tall unit / 1 reinforced hexagon as sitting stool


* Please specify if you prefer the taller column to be at the right side rather than left, as well as thickness of baseboard (if present) on wall behind unit, and we will account for those details during construction of the unit and in making the custom brackets.


material: solid kiln-dried black walnut hardwood / example shown in single hexagon from above photos (the lighter wood was an unusual tapped maple by request)


finish: non-toxic clear oil/wax finish (AFM Safecoat product as shown in above image, as well as shown applied on the solid walnut hexagon in photographs)


unit dimensions: 89.4" tall x 25.8" wide x 11.75" deep


exterior hexagon dimensions: 12.77" tall x 14.75” wide x 11.75” deep


interior hexagon dimensions: 11" tall x 6.37" wide inner horizontal shelf ledge x 12.75" wide inside center x 11.75" deep


hex sitting stool dimensions:  17.32" tall x 20" wide x 11.75" deep


assembly & installation info:


* Tall shelving unit will need to be divided into top & bottom sections for transport, to be reattached through the pre-drilled assembly holes using the provided drill bit and screws.


* Custom matching solid walnut brackets will be included along with screws for mounting into wall studs to stabilize tall unit.


delivery info: pieces to be transported directly from our shop to their destination via cargo van by our independent local shipping partner, with in-home delivery offered.

custom honeycomb shelving unit in walnut hardwood + hex stool & floating shelves

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