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seven large asymmetric honeycomb shelving units (1st half payment)

material:  Solid pine wood in 3/4" lumber thickness along outer perimeter of each honeycomb unit, with thickness doubled to 1.5" throughout interior of unit where all adjoining hexagon/trapezoid panels are attached together.


To show the natural range in the pine wood's grain patterns and prevalence/appearance of knots, the listing photos above include pieces without any finish (in the first six images after the design sketch), as well as with a clear finish only (next four images), and then in three different lighter-colored stain shades (in the last four images).


finish:  Rubio Monocoat stain + protective finish (color to be determined after 6 stained wood samples are received) + an application of Rubio Universal Maintenance Oil for subtle satin sheen


design details:  7 large asymmetric honeycomb shelving units with cantilevered design, each featuring 13 hexagons + 2 trapezoid support shelves + 1 hinged hexagonal door (location for door installation to be decided).


total components:  105 total cubby shelves (91 hexagons + 14 trapezoids) to be individually built and then assembled together into the 7 shelving units, along with the 7 total hinged hexagonal doors.


dimensions per shelving unit:  61.75" wide x 74.03" high x 12" deep


exterior dimensions per hexagon:  19" wide x 16.45" high x 12" deep


interior dimensions per hexagon:

* variation of plus or minus 1/8" is possible due to wood expansion/contraction and the handmade nature of the honeycomb structure

lower horizontal shelf ledge = 8 5/8" wide


inner span at center of hexagon = ~17" wide (depending on how close to the corner joints you can display your products based on their size and proportions)


interior height = 14.95"


shipping cost:  $780 with assistance by the driver for indoor delivery (half of this custom shipping rate will generate after selection of the state for delivery location during checkout)


payment terms:  Second half of total $12,180 project cost and $780 shipping cost to be listed separately and payable within 30 days of the first half payment (and to be received before the date that the shelving units are scheduled to be shipped out).


timing:  Shelving units to be received by 11/24/21 at latest (our target will be to deliver by the end of the previous week or earlier if possible).

seven large asymmetric honeycomb shelving units (1st half payment)

$6,321.00 Regular Price
$6,090.00Sale Price
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