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two custom 21 hex honeycomb shelving units in stained solid maple hardwood



The custom honeycomb shelving units will each be comprised of 21 hexagons, configured in seven columns and three rows as shown in the first image above.


M A T E R I A L + F I N I S H


Solid maple hardwood with walnut stain + AFM Safecoat Naturals clear non-toxic oil/wax finish.  Image 2 shows stained maple in a slightly darker color called Jacobean, and our clear finishing product with description is shown in image 9.


Examples of the maple hardwood's natural variation in grain patterns and color (without stain)  are shown in images 3-8.


Solid wood panels are 7/8" thick along the outer perimeter of the honeycomb unit, with a doubled thickness of 1.75" throughout the unit's interior in which all adjacent hexagon panels are joined together.




shelving unit:  108.7" wide x 59.85" high x 16" deep

hexagon (exterior):  19.75" wide x 17.1" high x 16" deep

hexagon (interior):  8.87" wide inner shelf ledge x 15.35" high x 16" deep (for storage space to display items inside hexagons)

horizontal panels (exterior):  9.87" wide outer shelf ledge x 16" deep (for placing mannequins atop the unit)


A S S E M B L Y  +  I N S T A L L A T I O N


Each 21 hex unit will be divided into most likely 3 sections for transport, to be reconnected through the pre-drilled openings using the included screws and matching drill bit (detailed instructions also provided).


We advise mounting all of our shelving units directly into wall studs for increased stability (especially in cases where young children may ever be present around the units) -- and we provide matching solid maple brackets, screws & instructions for that process.




The pieces will be shipped directly to the destination via single vehicle transport, with assistance provided by the driver in unloading as well as carrying indoors if desired.  Help will be needed from at least one other person at the delivery location, but two people would be preferable to best protect the structure.


At the time of shipping, I will let you know the estimated date range for delivery.  And then the driver will contact you directly once they are closer to arriving and can provide a more specific ETA.


Most furniture carriers deliver seven days a week anytime between 8 am - 8 pm, since they are transporting by single vehicle over cross-country routes, and will not be in a given area again to enable delayed delivery at another time.


* During the checkout process, please provide the best contact number (and an alternate if available) for the driver to reach you with advance notice before arriving, so that you can ensure someone will be available to assist and receive an indoor delivery during that time.


*  If there are any specific hours or days of the week/weekend between 8 am - 8 pm when you would not be able to arrange to receive the pieces at the delivery address, please include that information in the note during purchase or notify us as far in advance as possible, so we can confirm if the shipping carrier can arrange delivery around that. Thank you!

two custom 21 hex honeycomb shelving units in stained solid maple hardwood

  • * No sales tax is required to be collected for sales to states other than our home state of Ohio.  (As a small single-craftsman shop, our annual sales per state are far below each state's established threshold to require remote sales tax collection.)

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