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two custom honeycomb dressers in ambrosia maple hardwood (second half payment)



The two custom honeycomb dresser units are each comprised of nine hexagons plus one trapezoid support/display shelf, and each unit features six drawers which are built in solid ambrosia maple hardwood and installed on heavy-duty soft-close stainless steel drawer slides.


All 18 hexagons and two trapezoids will include a 7/8" thick back panel in matching solid ambrosia maple. These will be fully inset within the back of the units to support the weight of the extra deep honeycomb structure and provide reinforcement against the movement of the drawers.


M A T E R I A L + F I N I S H


Solid ambrosia maple hardwood with clear non-toxic oil/wax finish (AFM Safecoat Naturals)


Wood thickness is 7/8" along the outer perimeter of the honeycomb structure, and doubled to 1.75" throughout the unit's interior in which all adjacent hexagon panels are joined together.




each dresser unit: 4' 0.75" (48.75") wide | 4' 11.15" (59.15") high | 21.75" deep (21" deep honeycomb structure + 3/4" deep drawer faces overlaying front of unit)


hexagon (exterior): 19.5" wide | 16.9" high | 21" deep


hexagon (interior): 8.75" wide lower shelf ledge | approx. 17.5" wide at hex center | 15.15" high | 21" deep


drawer (interior): ~15.25" wide at top | ~7.3" wide at bottom | 6.3" high | 18" deep


D E T A I L S + D E L I V E R Y


This listing is for the cost of one of the custom dresser units at $4094, as the second half payment.


Each unit will be divided into two sections for transport, to be reconnected through the pre-drilled openings using the provided screws and matching drill bit.


The pieces will be shipped directly to the destination via single vehicle transport, with assistance provided by the driver for indoor delivery, and the custom shipping rate will generate after selecting the state during checkout.

two custom honeycomb dressers in ambrosia maple hardwood (second half payment)

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