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wood options

pine wood

Pine is a lightweight economical wood choice with a rustic and warm appearance, either with our clear non-toxic finish or under a stain.  From left to right:  unfinished (1 & 2) / clear non-toxic finish (3 & 4) / coffee stain (5) / ebony stain (6).      

9 hex unfinished review.jpg
poplar unfinished - Hothouse Design.jpg
poplar - clear nontoxic finish close.jpg

poplar hardwood

Poplar is the lowest priced of the hardwoods, and offers significantly greater durability than the soft pine wood.  Its tight grain sands to an extremely smooth surface that is ideal for painting, or its flowing grain patterns can be highlighted with a stain or a clear finish for a non-traditional wood tone.  From left to right:  unfinished (1) / clear non-toxic finish (2 & 3) / stained (4 & 5) / clear finish on purple poplar (6).      

The Strand Salon - Chattanooga TN close.jpg
GOLF SHOP Twinsburg OH unit.jpg

maple hardwood

Maple hardwood is known for its warm natural color featuring a range of peach to pink tones with some occasional swaths of brown hues.  Curly maple, also known as flame or tiger maple, is an uncommon and especially beautiful wavy grain figure that creates a shimmering effect when light reflects on the surface (availability can be limited).  Ambrosia maple is a very unusual type that features widespread mineral streaking and color variation.  From L to R:  clear finish (1 & 2) / curly maple (3 & 4) / jacobean stain (5) / ambrosia maple dresser (6).

curly maple face.jpg
curly maple.jpg
maple - dark stain vs clear finish.JPG
15 hex maple 5 column close up.jpg
ambrosia maple dresser - open drawer.jpg
red oak with clear finish vs jacobean stain - close up.JPG
red oak with clear finish vs jacobean stain - close up.JPG
red oak in castle brown Monocoat + Universal Oil.JPG

red oak hardwood

Red oak is a traditional hardwood featuring consistent coloration and grain patterning, characterized by many heavy lines which become significantly darker and more prominent with the addition of a stain.  White oak grain patterns can be a bit more subtle, but is significantly higher priced and can be difficult to obtain in our region in the quantity and width needed for our larger honeycomb pieces.  From L to R:  clear finish (1) / jacobean stain (2) / castle brown stain (3) / walnut stain (4) / nutmeg stain (5 & 6).

Copy of red oak with drawer 2.jpg
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