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custom honeycomb furnishings





We are a small family business specializing in designing and building custom honeycomb shelving units and hexagon tables for display and storage. 

We originated the design and construction of our honeycomb units six years ago through our shop on Etsy, and have since shipped hundreds of custom pieces throughout the United States for use in homes, offices, weddings, special events, and as product displays for retail stores and trade shows.  

The captivating geometric design of the honeycomb beautifully showcases items for a high-impact statement piece in any setting.  We offer customization of all design aspects and provide detailed and thorough assistance from the first inquiry through delivery and installation.  We will work with you to create a unique custom piece which suits your style and perfectly fits both your space and the items you wish to display.  

We build and finish our pieces by hand using solid kiln-dried lumber, locally

and sustainably harvested hardwoods, and a premium line of completely non-toxic and eco-friendly stains and clear finishes.  We built our shop next to our little log cabin in the woods, and as lifelong lovers of nature are deeply committed to working and living with care for our planet and all of the amazing life it sustains. 


In bringing the timeless patterns and renewable materials of nature into the indoor spaces of daily life, the pieces we create symbolize these values and offer us continual inspiration.

Candytopia honeycomb shelving unit

Thank you!

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